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Heart-Full Hands™ Jewelry was founded by David Sardelli, former president of Sardelli International.  In 2003 David retired and the company was sold to Warren Buffet and merged into the Richline Group. David continued on to pursue his lifelong dreams. 

During his extensive travels, David noticed people using their hands to form a heart and creating a gesture of love, appreciation and gratitude.  This inspired him to return to the industry he loves and to develop the unique branded collection Heart-Full Hands™.


The jewelry is manufactured solely by Lee's Morvillo Group in Providence, Rhode Island.  We hope you find the collection inspiring and use it to share your love with others.

Our story was recently featured on WCVB-Boston's Award-Winning Show Chronicle.  Here's an excerpt:

We are grateful for all the support we've had in launching the Heart-Full Hands™ Jewelry Collection, and hope you are inspired to use it to share your love, appreciation and gratitude with the world.



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